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BMC is manufactured by mixing strands (>1”) of chopped glass fibers in a mixer with a thermoset resin (commonly polyester resin, vinyl ester or epoxy resin). The glass fibers in BMC result in better strength properties than standard thermoplastic products. Typical applications include demanding electrical applications, corrosion resistant needs, appliance, automotive, and transit.

Resin manhole cover
Resin manhole cover

Hot sale square composite resin manhole cover
Product performance and characteristics:

1,Excellent performance
Similar hard property as cast iron, while have a overwhelming advantage on stretch recovery.
No theft value.
Anti rust,corrosion,water,dust, well sealed
Non-electricity conduction and non-heat conduction.
2,High load capacity
Load capacity are A15, B125,C250,D400
3,Light weight
The weight especially SMC manhole cover is lighter than cast iron and concrete.
4,Durable service life
More than 30 years service life without crack and color fading.
5,High Precision
Our Manhole Cover is shaped under high-temperature mould with pressure.
6,No Noise
Composite Manhole Cover has overcome the problem of making noise.
7,Flexible Design

China manhole cover


Our Composite Manhole Cover is made of BMC (bulk molding compounds), Fiberglass, Steel Bar.

BMC is the abbreviation of ”bulk molding compound”. Its principal material is group of presoak material fully mixed with GF (chopped glass fiber), UP (unsaturated resin), MD (packing), and various of additives. BMC materials were first applied in the former west Germany and the UK in 1960s. The BMC is increasingly welcomed by the masses of users for its excellentelectrical corrosion resistance and can be easily adapted to a variety of molding process, which meets the users requirement on the properties of various products.

Resin composite grating :

resin grating
resin grating resin composite grating

Good Anti-theft Property This product is pressed with the polymer composite materials under the high-temperature mould, therefore Manhole cover is no recycle value for the thieves.
Easy Installation and Beautiful Appearance The weight of Manhole Cover is only a third of cast iron in same specification, It is convienience to installation and checking.Also we can produce Manhole Cover with different specification and color. It is beautify and you can easy to manage too.
High Precision Our Manhole Cover is shaped under high-temperature mould with pressure, and the joint clearance of the cover and frame is small.
No Noise Composite Manhole Coveris overcome the problem of cast iron Manhole Cover and Concret Manhole Cover, like displacement, warp,and making noise.
Flexible Desin We can costumized the words, patterns, color and LOGO for you. you will have your unique Manhole Cover in your country.

resin manhole cover

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