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Glass fiber Slat floor for farrowing crate from China Manufa
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Autor:  frpmanholecover [ Cz mar 14, 2019 12:01 pm ]
Tytuł:  Glass fiber Slat floor for farrowing crate from China Manufa

he Glass fiber Slat floor is aslo called for eakage dung plate in China.

1. The Glass fiber Slat floor is a new kind of leakage dung board, which is composed of unsaturated resin, low shrinkage agent and various fiber materials, is made up of thread reinforcement skeleton.
2. This Glass fiber Slat floor material slat floor is more economic, can keep no broken for almost 15 years.

3. High intensity,smooth surface not hurting pig nipples and feet,not absorbing water.easy cleaning.
4. The size of the voiding manure design is reasonable, the hole corner was arc-shaped, holes on the big ladder shape, leakage of fecal effect is good, more importantly, to reduce the burden of sewage treatment.
5. Customer design is acceptable. widely used in large and mordern pig farm.

Glass fiber Slat floor

Glass fiber material dung leakage plate: which is new type floor and made of various fiber materials such as unsaturated resin and low shrinkage agent.

With advantages: high strength, anti-aging, non-stick manure, not to hurt the trotters,easy to clean, etc It can guarantee various needs of farrowing crates, nursery crates,gestation crates.The service life is up to 30 years. It is required for modern pig industryequipment.

farrowing crate pig slat floor

How to Produce the Glass fiber Pig Slat floor ?

Slat floor

The Sizes of our glass fiber Slat floor:

slat floor
Anti-slip design for the Surface of the Pig Slat floor
BMC pig slat floor



I am interested in your product Livestock Glass fiber Slat floor for farrowing crate from China Manufacturer


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